Limenas, the biggest village of Thasso island is located 30 minutes away from Keramoti. You can visit the island, even for a one day excursion, thanks to the regular ship routes.

Thassos is a verdant island with crystal clear waters and many beautiful beaches. Here are some beaches that worth a visit:

Golden Beach is, beach with shallow, crystal clear waters, on the east side of the island. It is lively and organized and offers easy access and spacious parking area. The most recognizing characteristic of the beach is the golden color of the sand.

Giola is a unique beauty, natural, rocky pool. A beach with outstanding beauty that definitely worths a visit, although the path reaching Giola is difficult and requires some walking.

A small, exotic beach in the northern part of Thassos, just km away from Limenas. The water is crystal clear and the coast has a stunning white stone. To reach the beach you must drive with attention to a wide dirt road, which leads to a parking area just before the beach.